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Any establishment that sells or serves alcoholic beverages must be licensed.  The State of Wisconsin requires that all licensed establishments complete State forms for license application and renewal. These forms are available at the Village Hall. The cost of these licenses vary. Applicants are required to fully complete the application form (including FEIN number and Wisconsin Seller’s Permit number).  Applications must be considered at a Committee of the Whole meeting and a Board of Trustees meeting for approval.  Applications should be received by the Village Clerk at least three weeks prior to the first Monday of the month.


For more information, visit the Village Administration office or the Department of Revenue website.

 AT-106 Original Alcohol Form

 AT-115 Renewal Alcohol Form

 AT-103 Supplemental Questionnaire

 AT-104 New Agent Form

 AT-315 Temporary Class "B"

 List of Wholesale Dealers